Christ’s Wounded Warriors

Christs wounded warriorsChrist’s Wounded Warriors are those men, women and children, who have incurred Christian service-connected ‘injuries’. Many have paid an extremely high price on the Christian battlefield to ‘serve’ their church, and it’s members. Some of us, have given our entire lives to ‘the church system’, just to be shot in the back and been abandoned and left to die by fellow soldiers! So many people have been left hurting and damaged on the wayside, in the wake of so-called “Christian battle.”

Most of these ‘veterans’ face challenges as they transition back into “civilian life,” and today’s wounded “veterans” are meeting extraordinary obstacles including invisible post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s time that Christian brothers and sisters take part in ensuring that our injured ‘service members’ are well taken care of, by aiding and assisting them.

If you would like to get involved and provide love and support to wounded “service members,” or if you know someone who is “wounded” and needs support, please contact us so that we can contact them.

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