men are struggling and striving and suf-
fering be sure that the life of Christ is there. For He
does not wrap Himself up in His heavenly home, and
look out of the window only upon this far-off earth; He
lives in our nature.” –H. W. BEECHER.

“Above all as the Ruler;
Below all as the Sustainer;
Around all as all-embracing Protector;
Within all as the Fullness of life.”

The healing of His seamless dress
Is by our beds of pain,
We touch Him in life’s throng and press,
And we are whole again.’ — Whittier

“Too late I loved Thee, 0 Beauty of ancient days,
yet ever new! And lo ! Thou wert within me and I
abroad searching for Thee. Thou wert with me, but I
was not with Thee.”– ST. AUGUSTINE.

“0! Jesus! King most wonderful,
Thou Conquerer renowned,
Thou sweetness most ineffable,
In whom all joys are found!
When once Thou visitest the heart,
Then truth begins to shine,
Then earthly vanities depart,
Then kindles love divine.”


“Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born
If He’s not born in thee, thy soul is still forlorn.”

for a man to arise in me
That the man that I am may cease to be.”

“The cross of Golgotha thou lookest to in vain,
Unless within thyself it be set up again.”

0 teach us, Lord, to know and own
This wondrous mystery,
That thou with us art truly one,
And we are one with thee !”–J. G. DECK.

“Yea, high above the limit of our seeing,
And folded far within the inmost heart
As deep below the deeps of conscious being,
Thy splendor shineth; there, 0 God, thou art.”

noble souls through dust and heat
Rise from disaster and defeat the stronger;
And conscious still of the divine
Within them, lie oil earth supine no longer.”

“God in our nature, that is, Christ–the root of the new sap or eternal life in man, without which no man
could have been righteous, and by the presence of which
in our nature every man may be righteous.”–THOS. ERSEINE.

“Yea, every virtue they possess,
And every conquest won,
And every thought of holiness
Is His alone.”

Within—Heaven Within
Infinite riches in a little room.” –MARLOWE.

the glory and beauty of Christ are manifested
within, and there He delights to dwell; His visits are
frequent, His condescension amazing. His conversations
sweet, His comforts refreshing; and the peace that He
brings passeth all understanding.”

“Love divine, all love excelling,
Joy of heaven to-earth come down!
Fix in us thy humble dwelling,
All thy faithful mercies crown;
Jesus, thou art all compassion,
Pure, unbounded love thou art,
Visit us with thy salvation,
Enter every trembling heart.”

“Look within you; for within is the fountain of all
good, and it will ever bubble forth if thou wilt ever dig.”

“Beyond the sacred page
I seek thee, Lord
My spirit pants for thee,
0 living Word! ”
–Mary A. Lathbury.

” When we in darkness walk,
Nor feel the heavenly flame,
Then is the time to trust our God,
And rest upon His name.”

“`Oh, where is the sea?’ the fishes cried
As they swam the crystal clearness through; We’ve heard from of old of the ocean’s tide,
And we long to look on the waters blue.
The wise ones speak of an infinite sea;
Oh, who can tell us if such there be

The lark flew up in the morning bright
And sang and balanced on sunny wings,
And this was its song; `I see the light;
I look on a world of beautiful things;
And flying and singing everywhere
In vain have I sought to find the air.'”

“Ah! my soul, for such a Wonder,
Wilt thou not undo the door ?”

I feed by faith on Christ; my bread
His body broken on the tree;
I live in Him, my living Head
Who died and rose again for me.”

“Take, dearest Lord, this crushed and bleeding heart,
And lay it in thine hand, thy pierced hand;
That thine atoning blood may mix with mine,
`Till laud my Beloved are all one.”

“No fable old, no mythic lore,
Nor dream of bards or seers,
No dead fact stranded on the shores
Of the oblivious years;

But warm, sweet, tender, even yet
A present life is He,
And faith has yet its Olivet
And love its Galilee.”

He forgot his own soul for others,
Himself to his neighbor lending,
And found the Lord in his suffering brothers,
And not in the clouds descending.”

“In the brotherhood of man
`Tis Christ I see,
In each kindly world men speak
Christ speaks to me.”

“In every pang that rends the heart
The Man of Sorrows has a part.”

” May each eye that sees me, see
Something of the Christ in me,
May each man who hears me, hear
Jesus whispering in his ear.”

“That here, amidst the poor and blind,
The bound and suffering of our kind,
In works we do, in prayers we pray
Life of our life, He lives to-day.”

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