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We are living in a period of the Church, in which the Lord Jesus Christ is breaking down man-made religious “traditions” and “philosophies”, that many Christians devoutly believe as truth and life. For too long, the institutional church, in general, has taught to follow mere religious motions, and in doing so, have almost removed Christ completely! People are so frustrated with their Christian experience that they are willing to accept any new ‘truth’ as a formula to live a successful Christian life, only to be more disappointed and disillusioned once their experience does not match the message preached! Because of this intense ‘demand’ for ‘truth and formulas’ from Christians, preachers serve up a lethal cocktail of weird and wonderful messages which the people lap up, which soothe the soul, but have no Christ value whatsoever. These ‘messages’ tend to focus on what the Christian needs to do, and what not to do, to be, and what not to be. It is a not so subtle return to Law, whereby the New Testament is merely another form of the Christian Torah! It leaves the hearers feeling sinful and condemned, and fleeing from God as the only option. Paul called this kind of Law and grace preaching as “no gospel at all” – Gal 1:6-7.

This said, I believe that we are living in the most exciting time of the Church – Christs body, where Christians all over the world are desperately seeking to know in experience, The Truth – Jesus Christ.

Personally, we long to know Christ Jesus in us. We long to see Christ’s body hearing the message of Christ – not merely the historical account of Jesus of Nazareth in the four gospels, but what the Apostle Paul spoke about in his epistles – the mystery of Christ in us!!!!! Christ is not out there somewhere, He is in every born again believer. He is not just the center of our lives, He is everything, He is ALL. He is our very life for we do not live anymore. For Christ in us is The ONLY hope of glory!

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10 01 2014

I believe you and I agree with you, but I still do understand how it is possible. can you give more of an explanation or tell me where to look? Is this through meditation that we can connect with the Holy Spirit?

Also, I cannot read what you have in FAQ which would help. How can I access?

10 01 2014


Thank you for your comment. Could you please clarify your question as i am not sure what you are asking?

We are one with The Holy Spirit already. When we believe on the Lord Jesus, we are born again by receiving Christ in Spirit form, and we are joined to The Lord as one. The Holy Spirit is there to guide us and teach us Christ within. He does not speak of anything apart from Christ. I think that you should read under Foundational teachings – “Infilling of The Holy Spirit” to give you better understanding of this. We receive the Holy Spirit when we are born again. It is not an experience APART from receiving Christ as Saviour.

I don’t know why you cannot open the FAQ’s, as i have checked the button and it works on my side. But i will gladly try and help you answering whatever questions you may have.

God bless

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