Philippians 4:19

14 04 2014

When Christians pray personal petitions for
perceived needs in their lives, the supply for such is
already promised in Jesus Christ (Phil. 4:19).Philippians419

“What does the Christian not have, what can he possibly
lack, when he can have Him? What can disturb or hinder or
confuse or devastate him in life as a Christian when he can
live with Him, in communion with Him? What need is not
already met in Him, what difficulty is not already removed in
Him, what help is not already present in Him, what word of
comfort that he needs is not already spoken in Him, what
direction that he awaits is not already given in Him? In Him,
the Christian has already attained, he is already at the goal,
and he can look back and down upon all his distress as
already alleviated.

(but the) Christian has not yet realized in what fullness the
divine gift and answer is already present and near to hand,
and with what joy he can avail himself of it, and in what
thankfulness he can acknowledge the fact”



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