Constantly Feeling Guilty?

26 06 2013

Accusation is one of Satan’s greatest and most effective weapons. He points to our sins and seeks to charge us with them before God.

The only reason we accept his accusations is because we still believe that we have some righteousness of our own. When we accept these accusations, Satan has succeeded in making us look in the wrong direction for salvation and deliverance. We must learn to put no confidence in the flesh whatsoever! We must stop wondering why we keep on failing and even sinning, for the nature of the flesh is to sin. We feel hopeless and useless before these accusations because we have not come to appreciate the nature of our flesh, and cannot really see how helpless we truly are. We somehow still have some expectation in ourselves for self deliverance and self righteousness and trust in the arm of flesh! Our faith is in ourself, and because of this misplaced trust, we fail miserably.

When we trust in ourselves, we side with the accuser. We have not recognized that we are not worthy of anything except death. We have not grasped the truth that it is God alone who can answer the accuser, and that the precious blood of Jesus Christ has done so already.



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