The Law of the Spirit of Life

23 03 2013

Is life in Christ an external set of principles which are imposed from without? Or is it a spiritual life-force dwelling within? This is the crucial issue. What is the direction of the process of change from the world’s lifestyle to the believer’s lifestyle? Is it from outside in, or from inside out? Does it proceed from law to life or from life to law?

Simulating Life by urging external “ought to’s” on people in order to bring them into conformity to the way Christ would act simply produces bondage. No matter how well-meaning we may be, we are saddling people with a yoke that will be fruitless.

The mainspring of the Way of life is the operation of “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” This law is remarkably different from a written code of law or set of external principles. It isn’t a spiritually magnified code of conduct which puts emphasis on one’s thoughts as well as actions. If it were, the list of do’s and don’t’s would make the nit-picking of the Talmud look like child’s play.



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