Christianity produces the best actors….

5 09 2012

We are living in a time where there are so many cheap imitations available to us as consumers. The East is mainly responsible for this trend, as you can buy knock-off watches, clothes, shoes and all kinds of electronic gadgets. Although they look “real” on the outside and have an appearance of the original articles, they are made from inferior materials and lack the craftsmanship and quality of the original product. Their flaws and faults are revealed very shortly after purchase and normally stop working after just a few days or even hours after purchase.

As Christians, we need to be very careful that we do not fall into the same error of “manufacturing cheap imitations of the Original – Christ”. What do I mean by this? Man- made religion advocates imitating and acting like Christ, “You must be like Jesus, you must talk like Jesus and you must love like Jesus.” In religion’s eyes, when you act and talk like Jesus then you have arrived, reaching the “pinnacle” of Christianity.

The problem is this, I have failed over and over again at trying to be LIKE HIM. I honestly have given up trying to be like Jesus. I cannot live the Christian life as religion dictates.

The truth is that God doesn’t ask us to mimic Jesus. He does not expect us to be “actors” and to play the part of Jesus. God has placed THE ORIGINAL – Jesus Christ in every believer, so that He will live His God Life through us. He will be Jesus Christ HIMSELF in us!!!! Only God in Christ can be and accomplish the will of God here on earth. Only God IS LOVE, for God doesn’t merely give love – He IS LOVE personified.  Man cannot ever love like God! If we are to be like God then are we not guilty of Lucifer’s sin of trying to be LIKE GOD?

A Christian is one in whom Jesus Christ lives by His Spirit, and one who allows the life and character of Jesus Christ to be lived out through his behaviour, in order to function as intended to the glory of God (Isa. 43:7).



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