Are you a Christian?

23 07 2012

There is a story that says that just before Budha died, a few of his disciples came to him and asked what they could do to perpetuate his memory. Budha replied that it was not himself that was important, but his teaching that should be proclaimed, adhered to and proclaimed. This is what “christian religion” has done to Jesus. When i say “christian religion”, i am talking about a manmade philosophy, a group of people who follow the teachings of Jesus, and deny His Living Abiding Personage. This is not Christianity. Christianity is the Person of Christ abiding in a surrendered vessel. If i asked you today, “are you a true Christian, or are you merely following the teaching of Jesus, how would you answer? Millions of people “follow” Jesus’ teaching, but do not have the Person of Christ in them. Merely following Jesus’ teachings will profit you nothing if removed from the Person of Christ. In fact you might as well follow Budha’s teaching, Islam, Hinduism or any other religious teachings and get the same results. “Christian religion” will not give you eternal life – for Eternal Life is A Person – The Person of Jesus Christ. “Whoever has the Son has life..”



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