Windows of Heaven

1 06 2012

Anyone who works with computers and “Microsoft Windows” software will know the terms: “maximize the window,”  “minimize the window” and “resize the window.” This is done by clicking on the top right hand corner of their “Windows” screen.

Here are the definitions of these three terms in short:

“Maximize” is an option available for any open window that allows a user to enlarge a window to its maximum size, commonly the full display area of the screen.

“Minimize” is an action available that allow a user to hide a window but keep the application running and accessible.

“Resizing” is the act of changing the dimensions of an object on the screen to allow the user  to view other windows on their screen or help arrange other open windows on their screen. The most common method to resizing a window is to move the cursor to the edge of a window and using the double – headed arrow to increase or decrease the size of the window.

These functions however are not limited to the Technological Industry. Strange as it may seem, but these functions of “maximize”, “minimize” and “resize” are functions that many Christians make daily use of in their faith walk. What do I mean by this statement? Let me explain:

For illustrations sake, imagine that a computer monitor represents the Christians mind – his soul realm. Initially, when a person receives Christ as Saviour, their mind focusses upon only One “thing”, and that is Jesus Christ. They are in a glorious state of being newly born again and the only “Window” open on their souls monitor is Jesus Christ. They think of Him continuously as His image is “projected” on their monitor of their soul. Jesus Christ is the only “window” open and this “window” is maximized! There are no other “windows” open as this babe in Christ is besotted with Him and Him alone.

Unfortunately, after a period of time, this babe in Christ gets taught that Christ is not the only “window” that must be open on their monitor, and that they must also have another “window” open in order to be a successful Christian. So the babe in Christ, has to “resize” the “Jesus Christ window”, in order to fit in the other “window” on their monitor. In order to make the extra “window” fit onto the monitor, the “Jesus Christ window” has to be “resized” – it has to be made half the size of the original. How sad this truly is?  Unfortunately more “religious” teaching comes the way of the babe, and another “window” needs to be opened! In order to fit in all three windows onto the monitor’s screen, the babe has to resize his “Jesus Christ window” once again, and Jesus Christ becomes less and less prominent on the screen. This process continues over and over again, each time with a different “window” needing to be opened. Eventually the babe has minimize “Jesus Christ” so that he can “handle” all the different “windows” on his screen. The “Jesus Christ Window” is reduced to just another “tab” at the bottom of his Windows toolbar.

What does your souls monitor look like today?  Do you have many different “windows” open? What “windows” do you have open? Financial prosperity maybe? What sizes are the different windows on your screen? Which ones are “maximized?” The bigger the “window” is, the more important it is to you. Is it a “prophecy” window? The lists are as varied as are people.

All the while, Jesus Christ is the Way , The Truth and The Life. He has been side-lined, reduced to an open “tab” and religion has taken His rightful position in our lives. The truth of the matter is in Him we live and move and have our being. In Him we have received everything pertaining to life and godliness. In Him we have received every spiritual blessing. The list goes on and on. Why then, do we continue to look outside of the Christ in us for ANYTHING? It is time to close all other “windows”, and “resize” Jesus Christ to His rightful position on the monitor of our souls.



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