I no longer live………

8 05 2012

Christians need a revelation on what it means to be”dead in Christ.” (Struggling-self strives to have its own way, own rights, and its own life.) Religious self (I ought to, I should) keeps the performing self alive!

“You are dead,” Just think of it, a dead person cannot respond to the law. A dead person doesn’t need to keep any laws, or enforce any laws on others. He is totally unable to perform. He has no plans for the future, no regrets for the past, nothing to do in the present. He cannot do good deeds, or be moral. He has no ability to fix himself nor even the need to. A dead person doesn’t need improvement, or strength to handle problems. A dead person doesn’t need “how to” or self-improvement books, there isn’t any thing to improve. A dead person doesn’t need any physical healing, for he is dead. A dead person doesn’t have the strength to fight the devil, nor does he need to. Because, why would the devil try to attack someone dead. A dead person doesn’t need a psychologist for he doesn’t need to analyze himself, nor understand his behavior patterns. A dead person doesn’t need to be more spiritual, or maintain his spirituality through good works. A dead person doesn’t need to be more committed to God, or rededicate himself over and over again. A dead person doesn’t have to try to have faith, because in Christ “we live by the faith of the Son of God.” God doesn’t want recommitted Christians, he wants dead Christians. A dead person doesn’t have any needs, and that is the point. That is why we as Christians need to fail at Christianity When all fails us, especially when I fail me, and become totally helpless to do anything about it, then I am ready. We cannot fully know “the power of his resurrection” – Phil 3:10, until we fully know what it means to be dead. Then when the Spirit finishes his refining work by baptizing us in his fiery furnace of affliction, we are conditioned to know the inner revelation of His resurrection in and as us, which is “Christ who is our life” – Col 3:4.



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