Uninterupted power supply

15 04 2012

Here in South Africa we went through an electrical power shortage that left many people in the dark without electricity. During this very taxing time, companies installed independent power supply systems called UPS Systems – UNINTERUPTED POWER SUPPLY. These UPS systems powered the computers and other vital equipment, so that the companies could still do business during these power outages. These UPS Systems were configured to turn on the instant the electrical power supply failed, and trade continued almost as per usual.

Keeping this in mind, there is a religious belief that we receive eternal life only when we die. This is inaccurate and it conveys a message of separation from Jesus Christ. Eternal life is not something that Jesus gives us at physical death, eternal life is Jesus Himself. Christ in us is our Eternal life. As new creations we have already received Eternal life for whoever has the Son has Life. Christ in us is the power of God and to live is Christ, so that means that Christ in us is the source of power and life. When these earthen vessels die one day, Christ in us continues to live through His power and Life in us. Although our natural “power supply” comes to an end at death, ‘God’s UPS System” cannot fail, and because He lives in us, we have Eternal life.



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