14 03 2012

Every believer is a priest. It is a fallacy that God has chosen some specially selected people based on their own righteousness and holiness to be priests. In God’s Kingdom, there are not some special people called “priests” and the “others” are just “people”!!!  Every one of us are priests insofar as the Holy Priest is able to impart His Priesthood to us and through us. We are only priests by reason of The Priest Jesus Christ within.

We can’t be priests because there is nothing priestly or worthy of “priestliness” in us! We can’t fulfill the functions of priesthood even if we wanted to. We haven’t got anything special in our own ability and strength that could make us priests. We are only priests insofar as that One Who is The Priest can perform His Priest office through us. Christ in us, the hope of glory……..



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