Profession vs calling

19 02 2012

Many of us are guilty of  making God’s calling a profession. Let me elaborate: We have become employed by the Church Board  to perform certain duties as laid out in a terms of employment letter. This letter is drafted by the Board as states what we will be paid,  how many hours a week we are to work, what age we are to retire at, what messages we are to preach and not to preach, etcetera, and the whole thing becomes professionalism instead of a holy calling.

Many pastors don’t truly follow God through because they are afraid of their denomination. In fact,  there are some  who don’t preach the truth  because their denomination or Board would kick them out if they did. There are some of us who are afraid to move because we might lose our status, or our salary, or something. It really sounds like captivity to me!

A deadly professionalism has come into the church of Christ, and it has become a paid business—under its own ‘designer’ laws and rules. Maybe this is what  Jesus meant when He said that He has come to set the captives free?



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