a testimony of an empty vessel

16 01 2012

“I just read your blog and realized I have been fasting for 42 years. Ive come to a point last year where I realized Christianity is too hard for me and I just cannot get it right:
I cannot pay my tithe, I cannot go to church as much as the pastors want me to go, I do not have enough faith to pay my my tithe or to become healed from my ear problem, i’ve been struggling for 25 years with a specific sin which I just cannot beat, I do not read my bible or pray nearly enough, I can show no disciple that I made for Jesus or somebody that I led to Him recently [which my pastors will definitely not approve of], I cannot fast when the church wants me to fast and I must duck and dive so that the pastor does not see me when I eat something in the mall, and it is because of me that my cell group members do not go to evening services or pay their tithes! Now if that is not being spiritual empty I would like to no what is.

But all the time God was showing me that I can do nothing for Him out of my own effort through this spiritual fast I was going through. AND when I realized that i am COMPLETELY EMPTY AND HELPLESS GOD MOVED IN and filled me with His truth which is Christ in me. Now I must tear myself away from the bible to watch something on tv and it used to be the other way around. I cannot get enough of God’s Word and His teaching.





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