Bonsai Christianity

4 10 2011

I’m sure you know what a bonsai tree is? It is a miniature ornamental tree that has the potential to become a full grown tree of its species but doesn’t because the roots have been bound up with wire. The wire is limiting its growth. The little tree cannot grow into its full potential because of this bondage. The tree is grown in a minimal amount soil in a small container which also curbs its growth. Because the bonsai is grown in such limited conditions, it will more than likely not produce any fruit in its lifetime.

A bonsai tree is ‘trained’ by its owner, to grow and look a certain way even though it has everything inside of itself to become a fully developed tree. This is because it has its parent tree’s DNA in it from the seed that it was produced from. This little bonsai has everything it needs within itself to become a large fully mature tree, but won’t because it has been purposefully bound up and limited.

Many Christians today are “bonsai” Christians. They have been born again of incorruptible seed – Gal 3:16, and yet are in bondage. Millions of ‘bonsai’ Christians are merely ornamental to the outside world because they have been bound and enslaved by ‘manmade religion’ and philosophy, masquerading as truth! Their roots have been bound up with lies from Satan telling them that they are still under the Law in some form or another, and they have believed these lies as truth. Because of this, Christians do not come to an understanding of who they are as God’s sons, and stay immature and powerless and ineffective. They live under constant condemnation and eventually backslide into their former lifestyles.

What is the cause of ‘Bonsaism’? Christian growth is severely stunted by their understanding of God as ‘God’, and not of God as ‘Father’. This is because Law is preached and not the message of grace and Christ in us. Father God has placed His Seed Christ, into us.* In spite of this, they see him as God alone and this belief breeds a slave mentality and causes a major identity problem. Seeing God as God alone makes Christians “do”. It causes a ‘works” mentality because they believe that they must always be doing things to be accepted by God!!! This is caused by Law preaching.

What does Law preaching do? It causes an orphan mind-set in believers. You can see all over the world in the natural realm, young people are growing up without fathers and many are not realizing their full potential because of this. Let me prove my point. A survey was done in the States on men in prison. Something like 90% of the men in that prison did not have fathers. That in itself is a shocking revelation.

Let me explain my point of identity issues: The father gives identity to his child. Why do I say this? A woman carries 2 X chromosomes and a man carries an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. A woman can only produce females. It is the man who determines the sex of the offspring and not the woman. Likewise, many Christians do not know and understand our Heavenly Father as a Father and because of this they do not know who they really are. They have a spiritual identity problem.

We really need to grasp who Father God really is and how He gave birth to us, or we cannot mature and become who we are meant to become!!!! We will be bonsai Christians only good for ornamental reasons. Why? Because FATHER’S GIVE IDENTITY! If we believe that we are spiritual orphans, we will have an identity problem and the world will be poorer for it.

1Co 13:12 KJV For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

For more on being born again please follow this link:



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