I cannot forgive you….

6 09 2011

We are living in a period of time where many people are left emotionally broken directly or indirectly as a  result of another person’s words and actions. We are really living in a “bleeding  world”. Never before have so many of God’s precious children been hurt in some  kind of way. As the saying goes, “hurting people hurt other people” and because  of this the list grows and grows as more and more people are the recipients of  abuse in some form or another. As Christians we know that we are supposed to  forgive those who hurt us, but the real issue is this: The abused person is  left holding the ball when it comes to forgiving. I mean, we are told that we “have  to” forgive, because Jesus said that if we don’t forgive, then we will not be  forgiven!!!! How unfair is that?????? I remember how difficult it was for my  wife, who confronted her childhood sexual abuser after many years. She really struggled to find it within herself to forgive because he hurt her in on so  many different levels, and “religion” had taught her that she “had to” forgive  this monster for what he had done to her.

Our Father God has given us  the KEY to forgiveness. He knows  that we cannot forgive someone in our own strength and ability. In fact He  knows that if it were up to us, we would have gladly ministered our own “military”  justice to these offenders.

Here is the KEY……

2Co 2:10 MKJV  But to whom you forgive anything, I also forgive. For if I forgave anything, for your  sakes I forgave it to him in the
person of Christ

Forgiveness  is only found in the person of Jesus Christ. You cannot get forgiveness through  any other. Religion teaches that we have the power to forgive but that is not  true, the only forgiveness there is is in Jesus. If we had the power to forgive  then Jesus died in vain, because then men could take the place of Jesus. Then  Jesus died in vain. We can only forgive through the person of Christ in us. Forgiveness  comes is ONLY through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Act 13:38 MKJV  Therefore be it known to you, men, brothers,  that through this One (Jesus Christ) the forgiveness of sins is
announced to you.

Eph 1:7 MKJV  In Him we have redemption through His  blood, the forgiveness of sins, …

If you ask  yourself the question, “Did Jesus’ death cover this offense that this person  has committed against me?” If the answer is yes, then you need to focus on your  spiritual position – which is “in Him”, and forgive in the person of Christ. Why do we do this? Because we no  longer live, It is Christ living in us. We do not have a life of our own.

Col 3:3-4 MKJV  For you died, and your life has been  hidden with Christ in God.  (4)  When Christ  our Life is revealed, then you also
will be revealed with Him in glory.

We can forgive in the person  of Jesus Christ. We can do this because Jesus died for that person’s sin, and  His blood has cleansed him. Who are we to think that we hold this awesome  responsibility to be able to forgive, when Jesus Christ in us has purchased  forgiveness on their behalf. Christ in us is the FORGIVER – not us!

In closing, my wife was able  to forgive that man. She actually found it much easier than she thought it was  going to be. She drew strength from Him in her. He was her strength and He  forgave him in her. She hid herself in Him, and He did the forgiving… Jesus set  him free. How beautiful and awesome is our Lord Jesus!!!!



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