Religion preaches evolution

17 08 2011

Most Christians do not believe in evolution, it fact evolution is an “evil” that has been fought against ever since Darwin published his theories. The battle rages on in our schools as evolution is shunned by church going people. I mean, God says that we are created in His image and likeness. If we have evolved from apes then we have a major crisis.

Gen 1:26-27 MKJV And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness. …… (27) And God created man in His image; in the image of God He created him. He created them male and female.

As born again believers, we know that we have not evolved from apes, and yet the traditional church philosophies have taught us that God evolves. They believe that God grows in believers and becomes more and more powerful. They believe that the more sanctified and set apart you make yourself, the greater the measure of God that you get. Many songs state this: “more of you Lord”, and “more power, more love, more of you in my life”. These kinds of songs reveal that we do not understand what happened to us when we were born again, and actually prove that we believe in evolution. How can we believe that God becomes more and more powerful in us? How can we believe this and then turn around with guns blazing at evolutionists!!!!

We have received EVERYTHING that we need in the form of God’s Seed, Christ Jesus in us. We are lacking absolutely nothing for life and godliness. We have His divine nature through the Seed. God’s works were finished from the foundation of the earth.

So why do I say that religion believes in evolution? I say this because religion believes that God develops in a believer, and secondly that God evolves a sinner into a saint…….

Traditional church philosophies believe and teach that we believers will evolve into a “higher creation”. They teach that after we believe, we “must”, or “need” to do certain things that are acceptable in God’s eyes. They teach that the new believer will become holier and holier as they walk with God and as they deal with sin issues in their lives; They teach that the new believer will change from a devil into an angelic type of being as they we pray more and more!!! Or that they will become more and more powerful and anointed as they read the Bible for 3 hours a day. The evolution teaching goes on and on and soon the new believer feels so condemned that they throw in the towel, utterly disillusioned. How can religion who preaches against evolution, actually be so guilty of the same? As Jesus said, “take the log out of our own eye before we remove the splinter out of our neighbours eye..”

We Christians are completely and utterly opposed to the evolution theory, or are we? We have been taught that God takes a sinner and “fixes” him up or repairs him. God changes him from a sinner to a saint over time. This is evolution, not true Christianity. God doesn’t repair our old lives or fix us up. He gives us an entirely new existence and life. The new believer gets an entirely new life, Christ. The new believer is baptized into Christ by the Holy Spirit, and the old life is crucified. Killed. Executed. God isn’t an evolutionist! He is Father, and He births His offspring. He doesn’t improve them and make them better! He doesn’t evolve them. His Son Christ lives comes and takes up residence inside of them as their new life. They have no life of their own.

When we are born again by the incorruptible Seed Christ, we are placed in Him when we are born again. In Christ the God’s Seed, we are given EVERYTHING that God could possibly give us. God doesn’t give a little amount of Himself which evolves into a “big God”. He gives without limits.

In closing, I personally believe in a form of evolution. I believe that believers mind sets are evolving, like in Darwin’s famous evolution diagrams. I believe that in the not too distant future, believers are going to come to the full understanding of who she is in Christ, and all of creation will stand back in awe of her. For too long, believers have believed that they are a lower state of being than they actually are, because they have been unaware of God’s nature in them. They have not understood that the Supreme Being, the only Living God, has placed His nature in us, by putting Christ in us. And that Christ is our only Life. He is living His Life through us, in these vessels of clay!!! When we know Christ in us, and understand that there is none like Him, how could we possibly continue to
believe in evolution? We are complete in Him. He is everything. Christ is all!!!!!

Heb 13:8 MKJV   Jesus Christ the same yesterday and today and forever.

How glorious and unchaning He really is……



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