Welcome to the inChristInMe blog.

This site is dedicated to my three beautiful children. I pray that you will come to know and experience Christ in His fullness, in ways that our generation could only hope and dream of. I love you forever!

I remember as a young child, my parents delivered the most awful news I had ever heard! They called me to their room, and told me that ‘Father Christmas’ as we call Santa Claus here in South Africa, wasn’t real. My young heart was broken when I realized that my parents had led me down the proverbial garden path so to speak. Thirty something years later, I had the same sort of experience, but this time, in church. I found out after ten years of “full time” ministry, that I had once again been led down a path. I found out very painfully that I had believed wholeheartedly in another mythical being – man-made christian religion!!

Just as an orphaned child at a certain age of development wants to meet his biological parents, I desperately desired to know my Father, and His Son Jesus Christ in truth. I wanted to meet Him face to face and speak to Him. I wanted to discover and know Him for Who He really was.

And so this site was “birthed.” It is a journal of my personal journey through the scriptures. I searched “far and wide” so to speak, looking for “clues” to know the Father personally and truly. This journey has been exciting at times, and it has been heartbreaking at times. This quest has cost me and my family dearly both personally and financially. We have been embraced, as well as scorned. As it has been said before, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!”

In my continuing search to know The Truth, God’s revelation is and always will be to us, His Son Jesus Christ! God’s deepest desire, if I can say that, is for us to know His Son Jesus Christ. Not to know Him merely as a historical Saviour, but as an ever present indwelling of the dynamic of Jesus Christ living His life inside and through us.

This work of love is a collection of my personal posts as well as posts and writings of people from all over the world, who are seeing Christ as their life. You will notice that none of the posts have the author’s name on them, as I feel that the Person of Christ is the One Who must be glorified for He is The Author of our faith.  He is Truth and the only Light we can give is the Light that we have received!

I hope that you will be encouraged as you read through my personal journey of how I dared to go looking for my Dad, so I could know Him!